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About KUMS
There was no school or university of medical sciences in Kurdistan before the Glorious Victory of the Islamic Revolution. In 1365, a management training center which offered Bachelor degrees in Nursing and Laboratory Sciences was established. In 1367, The School of Nursing and Midwifery was established to admit students in Bachelor degree of Nursing and Associate degree of Midwifery
With the ratification of Medical Major by the Council of Ranking and Development of Universities in 1369 and the merge of local institutes of Health and Healing, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences was established. At the present moment, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences consists of the following five schools
With the ratification of Medical Major by the Council of Ranking and Development of Universities in 1369 and the merge of local institutes of Health and Healing, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences was established. At the present moment, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences consists of the following five schools
School of Medicine
School of Nursing & Midwifery
School of Paramedical Sciences
School of Dentistry
School of Health
Some Proceedings of the University
The establishment and Admission of some courses such as Women Residency, Neonatal, Anesthesiology, Surgery and Emergency Medicine
Training PhD by Research students in Community Health, Cellular-Molecular Medical Sciences, and Microbiology
Employing 360 specialties and sub-specialties in Kurdistan Province
Training students of Microbiology, Anatomy, Immunology, Community Health, Health Education, Epidemiology, Medical Surgical Nursing and Midwifery
The pyramid of faculty member's promotion has remarkably upgraded. At the present moment, there are 250 faculty members among whom there are 3 professors, 29 Associate professors, 137 assistant professors, and 69 instructors. In addition, there are 2600 students of 35 majors in Associate, Bachelor, Master, PhD, and residency degrees
Providing the faculty members with promotional facilities through organizing missionary training courses abroad and the codification of regulations in this regard
Receiving a principal agreement for establishing the research center of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, and Cellular-Molecular
Receiving a definitive agreement from the Research Center of Community Health for establishing the subdiscipline of water and nutrients
Receiving a definitive agreement for the establishment of the Research Center of social determinants on the health of university
Attempting to establish Lung and Tuberculosis Research Center
Attempting to establish Behavioral Sciences Research Center
Activating the clinical Research Unit of Besat Hospital and offering consultation on every weekdays to the hospital researchers
Improving university's campus status through the implementation of 15 projects
Establishing the Research Center of Cellular-Molecular Sciences and employing human knowledge of Cellular-Molecular sciences for the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses
Establishing social determinants on Health Research Center in order to conduct basic epidemiological and Clinical Researches to reform the services provided by Health Care System
Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences has an international indexed scientific journal
University's Central Library with 23000 titles, 75000 hard copies, 5000 E-books and 2000 journals occupies an area of 1500 square meters
University's sporting and cultural amenities include 7 boys and girls dormitories, gyms, artificial turf, student cultural center, and Ibne Sina, Student, and Shahid Rostam Pour convention halls
Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences has 10 hospitals, 3 Training and Treatment Medical Centers, and 2000 hospital beds
There are updated specialized facilities such as MRI, angiography and Shahid Boroujerdi's Open-Heart Surgery Center
There are some radiotherapy centers which are equipped with linear accelerator (LINAC) machines
There are Nine CT Scan Machines
Expanding ICU wards of Kurdistan Province
Equipping and improving all the beds
Equipping and improving 32 beds in pediatric ICU wards, and 21 beds in neonatal ICU wards of Sanandaj and Saqez
Establishing a pediatric oncology ward in Besat Hospital and adult oncology and gastroenterology and hepatology wards in Tawhid Hospital
Constructing and equipping the specialized clinics of Tawhid and Besat hospitals
Establishing the specialized clinic of dentistry
Reconstructing, repairing and replacing the equipment in various wards of hospitals in Kurdistan Province
Purchasing and establishing CT Scan machines for Qorveh, Bijar, Baneh, Saqez, Marivan and Tawhid and Besat Hospitals In Sanandaj
Signing a contract for providing Saqez and Marivan with MRI machines and Divandare and Kamyaran with CT Scan machines
There are 105 dialysis, 38 radiology, 30 mammography, 18 ultrasound and 5 lithotripter machines
Providing 100 ambulances which are equipped with DC shock and resuscitation systems to activate medical emergencies
Purchasing and equipping an ambulance bus to use in emergencies
Purchasing and equipping an ambulance bus to provide people with dental services
Purchasing and equipping a field hospital with 50 beds
Purchasing and establishing an equipped linear accelerator machine to cure cancer patients  and develop health tourism
 Constructing, equipping and establishing infertility cure centers
In health division, there are 614 active health centers, 32 urban health centers, 69 rural health centers, 5 around-the-clock health centers which provide health services such as 
vaccination, caring for the children under 8, pregnant women, old people, and students
Furthermore, Controlling contagious and non-contagious illnesses, considering community health, curing patients, offering dental services, and oral hygiene are among other provided services
.Codifying strategic plans of the university
.Promoting health standards of the province according to national standards
.Establishing AIDS counseling centers in the province 
Mobilizing vaccination
Constructing more than 100 health homes in different parts of the province
Constructing Shahid Chamran Hospital in Sarvabad
Establishing the equipped reference laboratory of vice-chancellor in food and drugs affairs
Regarding the development of management and financial resources, we can refer to the entire implementation of accrual accounting, the implementation of office automation system, equipping health centers with HIS, and Starting an electronic registration of the recruits
Establishing the provincial donor assembly that has donated 24 billion within 5 years. The donation has been used for the construction of various health centers across the province. Furthermore, providing required equipment has been carried out according to actual needs assessment and the categorization of services
The most Significant ongoing projects of KUMS
Constructing and equipping the 540-bed Kowsar Hospital, the physical progress of which is almost 95 percent
Establishing a dormitory with the capacity for 300 people


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