Inspecting research projects in terms of Islamic, moral and legal concerns including the beneficiary satisfaction, respect for the rights and freedom of the study population from possible research risks, observance of privacy, observance of the rights of colleagues, correct use of information, preservation of Islamic values in the choice of research title and process of investigation. 

- Examining ethical considerations in dissertations that deals with human subjects.

- Investigating complaints related to non-ethical issues in research projects and publication of research findings.

- Investigating violations in the publication of research findings.

- Inquiring the national committee concerning the ambiguities in the meetings of the Ethics Committee.

- Referral of the unfinished projects of the Ethics Committee to the national committee.

- Submission of the Activity Report to the Secretariat of the National Committee on Research Ethics.

- Informing researchers, research departments and university research centers.

- Organizing educational courses on medical ethics