research Project Support GROUP

:Parvin Allahyari

  • - Responsible for verifying the payment of research projects (Confirmation and certification of payment, registration of payments in the system: confirmation of payment of approved projects before 2017 will be conducted by Dr. Khalfi)
  • - Expert for initial filing of research projects
  • - Experts for issuing certificates of research projects
  • - Expert on issuing the letter of introduction to the research centers
  • - Information Officer for Congresses, and Seminars



Dr. Behzad Khalafi:

  • - Responsible for research lines
  • - Expert on the affairs of research faculty members
  • - Primary Check of the Proposals
  • - Assessment of the final report of research projects and declaring the end of the project
  • - Initial review of technology proposals (Before their referral to the Technology Council of the University)
  • - Responsible for verifying payment of approved projects before 2017




Sending the proposal through the system:
Supervising the project implementation :
Project and article payment:
Presenting report on the project or article and settlement: