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About CMRC

Professor Alborzi Clinical Microbiology Research Center ( PACMRC; henceforth) was founded by Dr. A. Alborzi in 1371 ( 1992), Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran and it aims to develop knowledge in clinical microbiology through conducting research studies and overcome the challenges in dealing with infectious diseases. The Center was named after Dr. Alborzi in 1374( 1995), for his academic accomplishments in the field, and was registered with Iranian health Ministry. Since 1378(1999), it has been recognized as the pivotal microbiology research center and was awarded a distinction at Razi Festival in 1380 (2001). Working feverishly during the past 19 years, the faculty and the staff at the Center have published about 200 articles, of which 140 are appearing in internationally recognized ones.
The findings of such research have had great contributions to the handling and management of infectious diseases across the nation, and have introduced new respective approaches and strategies. For example, the multi center study entitled,”...................” revealed that the most prevalent etiologic agent among Iranian children with meningitis, and consequently vaccination against the bacterium was approved in Iranian vaccination committee, and introduced it to the national vaccination program. This accomplishment caused Dr. Nelson, WHO representative, to declare the labs at the PACMRC, as the first ranked in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The faculty working with the Center, hold PhD degrees in bacteriology, virology, microbiology, immunology, and mycology, and together with the staff conduct research in the respective areas using sophisticated labs. They have been capable of fulfilling educational, diagnostic and clinical needs in infectious diseases and tuberculosis. 
As for educational activities, the same faculty also actively design research proposals for PhD students in clinical microbiology, provide training courses for fellows in pediatric infectious diseases, introduce scientific workshops and seminars and finally prepare treatment manuals and pamphlets. In 1389(2011), the Medical Expansion Office approved admission of PhD by Research students at the PACMRC, with four students admitted in 1390(2012), and the program is still going on. 
Given the goal of the PACMRC being promotion of health standards, especially in infectious diseases, and operationalizing the research findings, it has established a center for clinical, microbiological diagnosis in 1385(2006), which provides up to date lab services in virology, bacteriology and TB, mycology, parasitology and immunology to both admitted and outpatients. 
As a pivotal clinical microbiology research center, PACMRC with reliance on Allah’s help and its faculty’s capabilities and utilizing most up to date technology and knowledge, and in collaboration with other existing research centers and organizations, actively pursues the promotion of health standards in relation to infectious diseases across Iran.